Anastasia – Youth Edition at Kimo Theatre

Anastasia - Youth Edition Tickets

Kimo Theatre | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Anastasia - Youth Edition

People around the world love Anastasia and so will you. Come enjoy it at Kimo Theatre on Sunday 28th January 2024. This theater production is an absolute masterpiece, with amazing action from the cast, awe-inspiring music and a tremendous set. It is a heart warming and heart wrenching account about one of history’s biggest unresolved questions that is sure to delight and will give you the feels big time. This show has is it all wrapped up in one package and will be a delight for the senses. So what are you waiting for grab some tickets today.

What makes a production worth watching? A good narrative? An emotional response? Oh! yeah, and let’s not forget the fantastic music too? Anastasia is one hell of musical and has all of the makings and so much more by the truck load.

Set in the disturbance of the Russian Revolution with the Bolshevik regime on the rise, be captivated at the heart-wrenching story of Anastasia, one of yesteryear’s most interesting quandaries questions as a first class cast tell the tale of how Anya’s and Anastasia’s paths cross.

Anya is an anemic abandoned girl stranded in what was once Russia’s capital, St Petersburg, on a quest to discover her past which she believes lies in Paris. Anastasia is the daughter of Tsar Nicholas II and Grand Duchess of Russia. Sensing an chance presented to them in the form of Anya rascal Dmitri together with Vlad Popov an ex high-born decide to try and con Dowager Empress Marie that Anya is actually Anastasia.

How will the story untwist. Well, you can find out bygrabbing your tickets right now to this touching production presented to you with the most stunning visuals that will amaze you.

Anastasia - Youth Edition at Kimo Theatre

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