Ballet Repertory Theatre: The Nutcracker at Kimo Theatre

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Kimo Theatre | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ballet Repertory Theatre

The art of ballet is an extremely difficult one to master, so you'll understand the grit that has gone into this award winning performance. Critics have been calling Ballet Repertory Theatre: The Nutcracker, one of the leading ballet productions of the winter if not of 2023. The precision and attention to detail is simply flawless, the cast of talented dancers really is out of this world. Held at the outstanding Kimo Theatre, New Mexico, Albuquerque on Saturday 16th December 2023, be sure to save the date and be part of this spectacular experience. Tickets won't be around forever, so click 'get tickets' for yours now to bag the best seats in the house!

Its skilfully choreographed, it's captivating, ITS BALLET! Hold tight because the impressive and simply beautiful Ballet Repertory Theatre: The Nutcracker is embarking on a ALL new tour for winter, 2023 and critics are desperate for more! The award winning performance is renowned for its scenic sets, the unique story and faultless choreography. The stunning dancers are simply majestic, the elaborate costumes are jaw dropping, the show in it entirety you'll be left wanting more long after curtain call. This magnificent Saturday night will be hosted by Kimo Theatre of New Mexico, Albuquerque this December so buy your tickets as soon as you can because ballet lovers cannot get enough of this place, Kimo Theatre is a huge venue. TICKETS for Ballet Repertory Theatre: The Nutcracker on Saturday 16th December 2023 ARE AVAILABLE directly from this page...the unrivaled and easiest way to book.....see the 'get tickets' icon? Press immediately to purchase some!

Ballet Repertory Theatre at Kimo Theatre

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