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Kimo Theatre | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Rosanne Cash

Mount up, folks! This winter, Award-winning Country star Rosanne Cash is heading straight up to visit the quaint Kimo Theatre on Tuesday 13th February 2024! 2024’s most-anticipated country jamboree is just getting started! Set to perform their greatest anthems for a second go, our darling Western artist will bring their best to boggle everyone's minds on this unforgettable chain of shows that will swing by a number of major cities across the US! Both followers and critics can agree that they've clearly outdone themselves for this one - so if I were you, I'd make sure not to pass up this upcoming shindig! At Albuquerque, locals are aware that the prime destination to host this rowdy and genuine concerts show is exclusively the Kimo Theatre stage! Featuring crystal clear audio systems, the entertainer's Southern tunes will bounce smoothly across the venue’s sizable area! Bag your entry stubs now before they disappear! Get your boots ready because we're counting on you to come!

The hit parade continues, and this artist is constantly upping their game! Catch Rosanne Cash LIVE as they visit the amazing Kimo Theatre found in the heart of New Mexico on Tuesday 13th February 2024. The breakthrough performer is planning to tour the United States, expanding their concert series to include more cities.

Explore the roots of country music with a subtle touch of contemporary accents in this amazing performance! Rosanne Cash is a thriving country music singer who has surfaced over the past years.

Arm yourself for an instant nostalgia trip! On top of a number of their guaranteed tracks from their latest album, this night will be teeming with classic favorites that have seized the hearts of their long-time fans.

Longing to turn your Tuesday night around? No need to stress, we've got everything taken care of!
Confirmed song lists are yet to be released, but see here one from their past event for a possible preview of the arriving show.

Haven't you heard? The Kimo Theatre is the grooviest place to be if you’re looking for the definitive country experience! Warm lights, honest acoustics, and an cozy atmosphere await everyone at the Albuquerque venue. Surely, this spot promises nothing inferior to a premier live show.

Start securing seats now! Mount up and be part of the crowd. Slide into the melodic fading light with Rosanne Cash LIVE at the Kimo Theatre on Tuesday 13th February 2024!

Rosanne Cash at Kimo Theatre

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